Information for visitors in view of the coronavirus pandemic

In order to reduce the further spreading of the coronavirus, the shops in Glashütte are temporarily closed. For some of the shopowners and craftspersons this poses an extraordinary challenge, as many seasonal goods are left on the shelfs and the important spring business season with many well frequented weekends is passing without any income.

Still, there is something we can do for you!

Although there is (not yet) any handcrafted toilet paper sold in Glashütte, there are a lot of really beautiful and useful items and goods to be found in our assortment of goods that we can easily send to you. Or maybe you want to surprise some of your friends or loved ones that you are currently not able to visit as usual with a parcel from Glashütte?

Just call or send an e-mail message to any shop and we will be happy to respond. Some of the shops do also have an online shop.

In case you are interested in goods that are usually not fit for shipping, please contact the respective shop owner to arrange for a pickup.

We are very much looking forward to the times when we will again be able to welcome you in person.

Sincerly yours,

The Glashütte Community


Crafts, Culture and History

The glassworks was founded in 1716 and operated until 1980. Today guests will find a glass studio, workshops, stores, arts, culture and gastronomy.