You get to know the process of felting and test your skills within a trial lesson.

Duration: approximately 60 min
Adults 8,00 EUR
Children 6,00 EUR

Cordula Albrecht
Hüttenweg 2
15837 Baruth/Mark OT Glashütte
Tel. 033704-67933

Blow your own glass

Blow your own famous "Glashütter Durstkugel" - filled with water and pluged into to the flowerpot it can water your plants up to 2 weeks.

Duration: approx. 30 Min
Chrage: 8,00 EUR per person and sphere

Do pottery

You can take a pottery class (5 or more people).
Charge: Children 9,00 €, Adults 12,00 €.

Please Contact us for classes:
Töpferei & Café
Hüttenweg 8A
15837 Baruth/Mark
OT Glashütte
T – 033704-61889
E –

Produce glass jewellery

Visit the Packschuppen gallery and make your own glass jewellery

Duration: 20 min - 60 min.
Material costs: 3,- to 50,- Euro
3 to 8 people

Please contact us:
Gabriele Klose
Tel: 033704 66060

Glassmaker class

One-Day-Glassmaker class
Target: Beginners, Duration: One Day (10am - 5pm), Charge: 1 Person 250€ + 7% VAT

Gain some experience in glass making. This One-Day class give you inside in basic technics starting with glass paperweight or glass spheres. You can manufacture 3 pieces or 7,5 Kg Glass and take it home.

Two-Day-Glassmaker class
Target: Beginners, Duration Two Days (10am - 5pm), Charge: 1 Person 400€ + 7% VAT

Gain more experience in glass making clas with this intensive course. This Two-Days class give you extended inside in basic technics starting with glass spheres and your own creations. This class focuses on your individual skills and preferences. You can manufacture 6 pieces or 15 Kg Glass and take it home.

Museumsverein Glashütte e.V.
Hüttenweg 20
15837 Baruth-Glashütte
Tel.: 033704 980912

Moalding Soap

This workshop is fun for young and old: Skin-friendly soap is molten and you can add food colouring and pure essential oils. A diggresion gives inside in the chemical reactions and the history of soap.

Duration: 1,5 – 2,5 Stunden
Charge: Adults 8,00 EUR, including material costs, at least 5 people
Please contact us:
Bärbel Hausmann
Tel 033704-67918

Sports and Nature


Track 1: Naturetrail (circular route, approx. 3,5km)
The town is surrounded by Nature. Experience various natural habitats on this track, 21 signs inform you about Treetypes, water reservoirs and the story about the wood-boring glass factories. Many rare animals live in this Fauna, like the "Bechsteinfledermaus" and "Hirschbockkäfer".

Track 2: Trainstation Klasdorf – Glashütte (approx. 3 km)

Follow the old train rails from Klasdorf to Glashütte. Ending by the old Glassfactory station, you reach your destination.

Herb-Hiking tour

Bärbel Hausmann guides you trough the forest and explains which herbs can be used for food, can be useful as medicine or have a ritual reputation.

Duration: 1,5-2,5h
Charge: 10,00 Euro



Once every month we invite our visitors to the "Hüttenabend" (Oven evening).
Starting at 5pm: Our experienced glass workers glassmaker Stephanie Schulz, glassmaker Christoph Hübner and the innkeeper Christian Reuner guide through the evening.
The glass factory Glashütte maintains the intangible heritage of manual glass production, enjoy your meal on manual produced plates and handmade drinking glasses. You get the chance to produce your own glass sphere for the flowerpot.


  • 30,00 EUR/Person
  • Children 7-14 y.o. 20,00 EUR
  • Children 0-6 y.o. free of charge (guided tour, Food) – Glass sphere 8,00 EUR

The package contains a guided tour through the museum, inn Reuner prepares some food and you get the chance to blow your own glass sphere.

  • Tel. 033704/980914 or
  • E-Mail:


Wine evening

Our wine tastings sessions in Glashütte are the perfect setting for your partys and celebrations. We target interested people with and without wine expirience.
Get more information on the wine evenings on this website.

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